East Meets West

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Nick Churton of Village Properties Realtors, London Office, feels relaxed and lucky after visiting a contemporary home just seconds away from the beach at Montecito.

The Property: 1147 Hill Road, Montecito, California

The Broker: Village Properties Realtors

The Agents: Natalie Grubb Cambell, Brian Cambell and Easton Konn

There is something about wind chimes. Their melodies and broken chords reflect calm. In Feng Shui they are used to bring good luck. So wind chimes are the perfect accompaniment to living at 1147 Hill Road in Montecito, as they must remind the owner of the good fortune he or she has to live there.

There is a distinct Asian feel to the home. All is simple, straightforward and serene. Yet it’s only 30 seconds from the beach. The accommodation has been reversed so that the living room is upstairs and opens to a generous ocean view deck. This is open plan living at its very best with a fabulously fitted kitchen, breakfast bar and dining area.

Downstairs the accommodation borders, on two sides, an outdoor pool with beautiful hardwood deck and fire pit. Here the bedrooms are decorated in whites, creams and other natural colours. The bathrooms are marble, tile and pebble. This is a barefoot home where one is in touch with the elements.

As a gentle sea breeze flows easily through the house and stirs the chimes to music, the air is filled with ozone and the smell of the sea. A feeling of tranquillity prevails. There is a sense of inner peace that can’t be found everywhere.

So take off your shoes and listen to the chimes. They are telling you what enormous luck has brought you to this unique home in one of the most wonderful of locations.

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