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Nick Churton of Village Properties Realtors’ London office searches for the true meaning of Californian luxury and is sure he has found it in Montecito.

The Property: 691 Picacho Lane, Montecito, CA

The Broker: Village Properties Realtors

The Team: Riskin Partners Estate Group

What is a Californian luxury style when it comes to great houses? Is it the Spanish look or the Mediterranean influenced home? Is it the pool? Or is it the way of life that such a home engenders? I would say the answer is not specifically any of those things. The closest I can get to explaining it would be Gloria – one of, if not the most outstanding and elite estate homes within the celebrated Golden Quadrangle of historic Montecito near Santa Barbara.

Another way of putting it is that to be a really great Californian luxury home, it should feel better than having the Beverly Hills Hotel to yourself. Gloria is better even than that.

Set in five acres of lush palm-studded gardens, with a pool and umbrella-shaded terrace to rival anyone’s, Gloria is a remarkable property with a four-bedroom main house and three-bedroom guesthouse.

The accommodation offers a haven of calm and luxury. It is spectacular – show biz spectacular. And it is cool – cool, sophisticated and white. If I had met a smiling Diane Keaton in the kitchen, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised – pleased, but not surprised. Now that is Californian luxury style.

Of course, the great Californian home should overlook the ocean. Gloria does. And ideally, it should have a sensational mountain backdrop for added drama. It has this too.

If you were shopping for the ultimate Californian luxury super-home slightly away from the hustle and bustle of LA, then I would put Gloria right at the top of your A-list.

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