Light Fantastic

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Nick Churton of Turpin Realtors’ London Office explores a beautiful farmhouse home set in the heart of its own rolling acres.

The Property: Meadowbrook Farm, 40 King Street, Tewksbury Township, New Jersey

The Broker: Turpin Realtors

The Agent: Ashley Christus

How do you describe perfection? Of course they say nothing is perfect. But I would like someone to tell me what’s not perfect about Meadowbrook Farm in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey because I couldn’t find it.

They also say that one instinctively knows when something is right. Well this home is right.

From the inside of the house each window acts as a landscape picture masterpiece that anyone would be happy and proud to hang on his or her walls. From the outside the windows let light flood into the spacious rooms, helping to create the airiest of spaces.

You see, it took three to tango here really. First, the Great Architect created this beautiful and peaceful location. Then one owner sculpted that natural topography even further into an astonishingly beautiful rolling grassland or prairie-style landscape bejeweled with trees, some in stands and some in splendid isolation. Finally another owner, working with a local architect, designed the perfect farmhouse style home that not only revels in its landscape but also enhances it still further.

Real estate agents are well known for eulogising about their properties. It’s their job. But believe me, at Meadowbrook Farm no eulogy is necessary. The property speaks for itself.

Do go and look. If you aren’t as enchanted, impressed and simply bowled over by this house and its 124 acres as I was I should be very surprised. In fact I should be shocked.

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