First Stop – Green

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Nick Churton from the Houlihan Lawrence, London office reaches in towards the New York City, as far as the countryside will let him, and visits a colonial style home with remarkable grounds.

The property: Edgewood, 7 Edgewood Lane, Purchase, New York

The Broker: Houlihan Lawrence

The Agent: Chrissy Hazelton

Purchase must be the first place beyond the New York City urban sprawl where there is space to site a home in 15 acres of its own secluded and beautiful parkland; the first place where one forgets the city and remembers the country; the first place where the predominant colour of concrete gives way to the predominant colour of grass.

Edgewood is an expansive brick colonial-style house being offered for sale for the first time in 86 years. Why so long? Clearly no one has ever wanted to give it up. It is hardly surprising as this house ticks all the New York commuting boxes. It is only 35 minutes from Manhattan. It is a handsome, high status home that will royally reward tasteful and sympathetic treatment.

Not only is the exterior handsome but also there is a very stylish and elegant interior – I love the elliptical main staircase – that must be an absolute pleasure to live in.

I would say that the house has been kept pretty much up with the times. But sure, after all those years there are some things that could be done to enhance both lifestyle and – I have little doubt – value.

Someone will only take a New York minute to decide this is the place for them and become only the second to own the exclusive rights to this first stop in arcadia.


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