The Other Bloomsbury Group

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Nick Churton of the Halstead office in London enjoys seeing a duplex penthouse apartment in one of Manhattan’s most historic and iconic neighborhoods.

The Property: 50 Gramercy Park North

The Broker: Halstead

The Agents: Anna Shagalov, Bo Poulsen and Kristin Herrera

Described as the Bloomsbury of America, Gramercy Park in Manhattan was developed in 1830 for the moneyed classes. Intellectuals and writers followed including Henry James, Edith Wharton and even Charles Dickens.

Today the park that is one of America’s earliest attempts at city planning continues to draw those with style and creativity. It also still attracts the wealthy as it is only a short distance from Wall Street.

Overlooking a park which is really a garden square – only accessible to those privileged residents who abut this oasis – is the most dramatic duplex penthouse. 50 Gramercy Park North has two floors of spacious, light flooded and sophisticated contemporary space enhanced by 1000 sq. ft. of dramatic city scape terraces.

With a strong architectural decorative flavour this magnificent penthouse is the epitome of stylish Manhattan living and is offered for sale at an intriguing price for this neighbourhood. You may need an expert in derivatives from Wall Street to explain how it will all work out but I am in little doubt that, for the right buyer, this is a great deal.

So follow the money and head for Gramercy Park. You will be following in some seriously talented footsteps.

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