You Couldn’t Make It Up

Broker: Robert Paul Properties

Agent: Bob Malcolm

Nick Churton of Robert Paul Properties’ London office visits a wonderful home in Cataumet, Massachusetts and weighs up living in a cluster of other homes or in glorious and splendid isolation.

Some people love living surrounded by other people – people who have similar incomes, who vote much the same way, and who have similar aspirations and take on life. Some people like to hail their near neighbours in the morning as they leave for work or come home in the evening – and then, spontaneously, have those neighbours round for drinks.

But other people don’t. Some people would rather flog themselves with a cat o’nine tails than live like that.

Well if you are of the latter persuasion then have I got a home for you!

You couldn’t make this up. More importantly you couldn’t make it at all now. This house was built at a time when they allowed properties like this to be built in locations like this: locations that, from a wrap-around veranda, look over the water, locations that have a deep-water dock and a boathouse that matches the main house, locations that are surrounded by trees and nature rather than houses and people, and locations that provide peace, sanctuary, and seclusion.

For the first time in forty years this amazing Cape Cod home, looking due west over Red Brook Harbour and Bassett’s Island, is on the market. It was built in 1900 and stands on 2.2 acres. There are elegant lawns. There is a tennis court and there are miles and miles of creeks and inlets to explore in boats. You may think you wouldn’t want to relax like a Victorian but I’m sure you’d soon find that, actually, you would. But one thing is certain about this house – living here will be very different from living in a cluster.

And then there are the sunsets. You can’t make them up either.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 17.48.14

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