Jeep and Cheerful

Nick Churton of Lee Real Estate’s London office visits a charming town house in Nantucket and learns that in this popular destination all is not the same on the inside as it appears on the outside.

Broker: Lee Real Estate

The sea passage from Hyannis on Cape Cod to Nantucket, 30 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, only takes an hour by Hy-line ferry. But for the uninitiated it also serves as a rite of passage, as reaching the harbour of Nantucket for the first time will become a life-long memory while subsequent arrivals will always be filled with pleasure and departures with sorrow.

Nantucket is like that. Once you have been you leave a little of your heart behind whenever you depart. Which is why people prefer not to leave at all – or at least they put it off for as long as possible. They prefer to stay and so they buy charming houses, often in or close to the town where they can tend their cottage gardens and Nantucket’s famous window boxes and be only a short walk from dozens of great restaurants and wine bars serving delicious food.

There are lots of these delightful houses and a ready market for them. Each would be at home adorning an expensive and glamorous box of chocolates. But they won’t be because Nantucket isn’t like that. Pretention and ostentation are not how things are done here.

The entry level for a small cottage in Nantucket is between one and two million dollars. But it really gets interesting between four and five.

Take 3 Traders Lane for example. On the outside this is just another exquisitely charming example of an 18th century whaling settlement cottage with shingle elevations and pretty shutters. But don’t be deceived. Inside is a revelation. Here is a bang up to date interior in ultra cool Nantucket/coastal style. On the first floor there is an amazing family kitchen and one-floor master living for a relaxed stay. Out of earshot, on the third floor, is a haven for kids and their friends, and in between are elegant guest rooms with beautiful bathrooms.

All this is only a short walk from the busy little town with a traditional look and a trendy feel all of its own. Most of the shopping and facilities you need for a trouble free stay are there. A car is not required much really – apart from a Jeep to get you all to the beach. Why a Jeep? That’s another thing you will learn the first time you visit Nantucket – a Jeep is de rigeur.

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