Just Mix with Water

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Nick Churton of Houlihan Lawrence’s London office takes a walk in the New York woods and finds the perfect lakeside home.

Property: 134 Pine Brook Road Bedford, NY

Broker: Houlihan Lawrence

 Agent: David Turner

What image does a lake house awaken in you? Whatever style of home you can think of it will probably be a romantic and nurturing one. Man has chosen to live by lakes since the beginning of time – although the great view may not have been the first reason for chosing those locations.

Today it most certainly is. The only decision to make, having found that difficult-to-obtain and popular location, is what to build. There are cabins and all sorts of house styles that mix well with water. In fact a lakeside position suits almost any style.

So how about the Modernist style? Does that work? Well take a look for yourself. Swallow Lake near Bedford in Westchester County, New York is a picturesque and intimate stretch of water surrounded by lovely trees that change in the fall, from breathtakingly pretty to indescribably breathtakingly pretty. Set discreetly amongst these trees, are several homes that share this private world. One of them is a large white stone, and glass, contemporary house. But it couldn’t be more at home with the water and trees. Great architecture does that. It balances random nature with a pleasing formality.

Floor to ceiling windows flood the interior space with light and make the most of the lake views. In fact everything is oriented towards the water, including the 85 ft terrace and the infinity pool. This is a spacious home that is as agreeable to look at, as it is to look from.

Lakeside living is elemental and this house invites the elements indoors to be shared and enjoyed by its occupants in the most spectacular way. Does Modernist suit lakeside? You bet your boots it does.


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