Being Iconic


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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty visits an iconic Miami Beach house with an iconic view and an iconic previous owner.

In London they put a special blue plaque on the houses of famous people who once lived in them. There is one on the house where Mozart lived and even one on the house where Jimi Hendrix resided.

They don’t do the same in Miami. Perhaps they should, as there would be many inscribed blue discs. 5800 North Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida could have had a plaque mentioning that Jennifer Lopez once lived there.

But nice as it may be that a popular and notable person was a previous occupant it does not really change a house or even add to its value. It just adds another attractive mark to the patina of history and character that the building has collected over its lifetime. After all, nothing or no one could ever improve this situation of this house or the view that stretches over the glassy surface of the pool, across the rippled waters of the Miami intracoastal and on to the dramatic but slightly hazy Downtown Miami skyline. This is a limited edition view and surely one of the great outlooks of any house anywhere.

Nor does the house itself disappoint. Since Lopez lived there it has had a complete and very expensive four-year makeover. It shows. This is a very touchy-feely house – the textures are a mix of ‘sharkskin’ plasterwork to the walls and smooth concrete and antique wood with barefoot-friendly raised grain on the floors. Every room seems to make a statement and the most of the view. Warm earthy tones have been used. It looks a million dollars but of course it costs a great deal more.

Iconic in its cool Spanish look, in its vista and in its past this house is a collector’s piece and one that has everything – except a blue plaque. But of course that could be easily rectified.

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