The Point is . . .

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty visits a landmark waterfront house in Larchmont, New York.

Most great houses start with location. The Point, Larchmont, New York – just 35 minutes from Manhattan by train – defines this view. This important marine estate, which occupies a beautiful promontory within Larchmont Harbour, doesn’t so much enjoy the view across the harbour as command it. Larchmont Harbour is one of the best unspoilt harbours along the northern Long Island Sound shore and is prized as a key location to keep a house or boat – preferably both.

Anyone visiting The Point from the seaward side cannot miss this landmark property. Drawing up at the private deepwater dock isn’t so much a landing as an entrance. The tall flagpole with crosstree, dressed in the Stars and Stripes, and set in a broad lawn just adds to the sense of occasion.

But despite the location, the dock, the flagpole, the elegant verandas, the light-filled bedrooms plus lots of other things to delight, perhaps the best bit is the drawing room. This may be better described as a grand salon. Wide, spacious, light and elegant its windows feature two elements – sea and sky. It makes the most of the harbour view and beyond across the Sound to Long Island. I suppose it is a sailor’s room – I can’t think of one better. If one can’t be on the water but loves to draw peace, drama, pleasure and inspiration from it, then this room is about as good at it gets.

This is a house that fully engages with its magnificent location. It not only benefits from its position but enhances it also. The people who own property on this desirable waterfront are, often as not, something in the city. For the buyer of the Point it gets even better. He or she will also really be something in Larchmont. And that – besides being a seriously wonderful house in a magnificent position – is the point about The Point.

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