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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty visits a spectacular waterside home on Long Island Sound with some very fine sailing credentials.

A Shield is a one design class yacht. Each boat from a one design class is almost identical to others in that class – apart generally from the hull colour – making for well-matched and therefor exciting racing, easier identification and pretty-as-a-picture mooring. Which is exactly the view from 2 Bay Avenue, Larchmont, New York.  This grand marine residence sits next door to the exclusive Larchmont Yacht Club, established in 1880 and home to one of the largest fleets of these beautiful 30 ft sailing craft.

I mention one design because 2 Bay Avenue is itself a one design – in the very strictest sense. That is there is only one – only one designed like this; only one right next door to the yacht club; only one to have this view over one of Long Island Sound’s most unspoilt natural deep water harbours and only one chance to buy such a singularly desirable 1.3 acre waterside estate.

The house comes with a great dock for mooring, swimming and fishing. For the not so actively minded it comes with a magnificent stone terrace for sitting, eating and entertaining. The website and brochure will give a good idea of the outstanding interior. But a better idea is to see it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

All this doesn’t exactly come without cost. Fortunately Manhattan, the finest place in the world in which to make money to help pay for it, is only a 35 minute commute away. You may also like to factor in a Shield yacht to moor in the harbour. I notice that a brand new and never used one, built in 2008, is on the market for US$ 57,000.

So for someone who loves the water and perhaps boating at its finest this magnificent home will make you feel admirable or even like an admiral. Whatever floats your one design boat.

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