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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty considers commuting from New Canaan, Connecticut.

New Canaan in Fairfield County, Connecticut is a popular place to live – especially with those whose jobs in and around Wall Street pay rather well. Even so there is a slight irritation – getting there. As near to New Canaan as it is, Manhattan takes about an hour to reach on the train – and longer by road in the rush.

The answer for the very well heeled is to fly to and from NYC. The fact is that any one of the three Manhattan heliports is only about 25 minutes’ flying time from New Canaan. Of course the Downtown heliport is really to be avoided, as it is where all the tourists go for their scenic aerial tours. But the other two heliports are very good. The cost for landing and parking is about $1400 for an eight-hour day. The aircraft will cost north of $200,000 for a two seater and then there is fuel and maintenance. So this is not an inexpensive way to get to work. But in a place where time is money and a lot of time is a lot of money, it may be a very sensible option.

It all sounds ideal until one gets to landing in one’s own back garden. You can’t. Landing at home in Fairfield County is almost impossible. There are laws against it – that is unless you own 262 Luke’s Wood Road, New Canaan. For some reason the usual rules don’t apply here. There is an exemption. Which makes this very spectacular and private 5-bedroom house set in 8 acres and bordering a land trust even more special – and valuable.

If your idea of commuting is to beat the traffic then you ought to take a drive or the train out to New Canaan and take a look. But if you are really pressed for time you could always make a flying visit.

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