Stardust Memories

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Nick Churton of the Chase International London office visits a lofty desert-side home in Nevada that soothes the spirit and calms the soul.

The House: The Aerie, 40 Pronghorn Court, Reno, NV

The Broker: Chase International

The Agents: Ruby von Schwerin and Donna Spear

Great architecture speaks to us. So much so that sometimes I am left speechless in reply. This happened again with The Aerie, high above Reno in Nevada.

Behind the house, it’s a desert – literally. In front, when the sun goes down, is a carpet of terrestrial stars. I fancy, at night, it’s hard to see where the twinkling city ends and the starlit heavens begin.

Leaning easily into the hillside and using the natural gradient, the house provides a series of spectacular rooms and terraces that make the most of of the crystal clear light and astonishing views of city, desert and mountain.

If homes are machines for living, here is a home for thriving. It is life affirming, peaceful and elemental. But above all it is comfortable.

It is hard to give this style a name. I would suggest 21st Century Adobe. The dramatic arc of the roof enfolds the structure. Below this, strong verticals dominate the elevations and accentuate the altitude. Set on three floors, all served by an elevator, the interior is a fabulous light-filled space. Polished pine Glulam beams span the ceilings. Ebonised doors and frames offer a modern, crisp and sophisticated look whilst some major windows are angled downwards to eliminate internal reflection and make the most of the magnificent views. Attention to detail is a hallmark of this Joel Sherman designed aerie.

I may have been left speechless visiting this extraordinary house but I wasn’t left thoughtless. I will never forget it. It is touched by stardust.

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