Caveat Emptor

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Nick Churton of the Village Properties, London office, visits an iconic contemporary house set high on the hillside above Santa Barbara, California.

The House: Casa Bene, 811 Camino Viejo, Santa Barbara, CA

The Broker: Village Properties Realtors

The Agents: Tim Walsh and Lyla Clyne

It has been a long day looking for a home in Santa Barbara. Along the way you have seen French influenced houses and Spanish influenced houses. You have seen English styled homes and Mediterranean styled homes. It’s hard to decide which you like most. They are all nice…but. Perhaps the Modernist in you is calling.

There is just one more house to see. It’s called Casa Bene. From the moment you enter the gates you feel something different in the air. When you sweep into the spacious motor court your thoughts are confirmed. This one is different. By the time you walk up the front steps beside the crisp, white roundel you know they must be yours. By the time you walk through the front door you already know it must be your front door.

That is what this house will do. It will do what it has always done. It will enrapture. It is a fabulous piece of architecture. But the dramatic frontage is only the start. The bit that will really get you is the back of the house. It hangs over the hillside with ocean mountain views that you may have believed only exists in the movies. Yes Casa Bene may seem a bit show biz. But it’s even than that better because this is Santa Barbara and not Beverly Hills.

So, caveat emptor – let the buyer beware. If you don’t want to buy a way-of-life-changing iconic house that will thrill you anew each day you wake up there, whatever you do, don’t visit this home.

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