A Prince Among Condos

365853794Please click here for video tour

The Property: 530 West End Avenue, Apartment 11B, Manhattan, New York

The Broker: Halstead Real Estate 

The Agents: Patricia Tang and Sean McPeak

Nick Churton of the Halstead Real Estate, London office is helpless to resist the extraordinary pull of this New York, Upper West Side condo.

The partitioned and internally windowed breakfast room is like a booth from a New York diner – but classier: it is the centre of operations, the beating heart of this Upper West Side condo. And it is the place that everyone has to pass when going just about anywhere in this apartment. That is one of the reasons this home is so wonderful for a modern Manhattan family: the breakfast booth is a gravitational field that pulls everyone towards it.

From this breakfast or ops room homework can be done, the household managed, breakfast eaten, coffee drunk, friends met, jokes shared, news given, grievances aired, differences resolved and plans made. Every good home should have one. Except they don’t. The only home that I have ever been in that has one like this, is this one.

But the breakfast booth is not the only thing that makes this condo special. It has a special feel. It has a special look, it has a special layout and it has a special location.

One must kiss a lot of frogs when hunting for the ideal Manhattan condo. But here, finally, is a prince. Personally I think you could find plenty of condos twice the price and half as good as this. So cut your home hunting short, go and see this beautiful home, discuss it round the fabulous breakfast table while you are there and tell me that you have kissed your last amphibian.


The Breakfast Booth

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