Hyperbole Not


The Property: 61 Beverly Drive, Bernardsville, New Jersey

The Broker: Turpin Realtors

The Agents: Ashley Christus and Laura Coutts

Nick Churton of Turpin Realtors’ London office finds a home in New Jersey that lives up to the hype, lowers weariness and lifts the spirit.

Modern masterwork, the house brochure headline boldly stated. After a long day looking at houses, when weariness had set in and cynicism was about to join it, this seemed an unlikely boast. But what did I know?

I certainly didn’t expect this.

Sometimes vision, location, design, materials and build come together and create something that is way more than the sum of the parts. That is what has happened at 61 Beverly Drive, Bernardsville, New Jersey.

Make no mistake this is a very special house created by very special owners. Both are brilliant homemakers, one is a brilliant engineer. Homes in the Modernist domestic tradition are at a confluence between architecture and engineering. This message resonates round the house. Just look at the gorgeous chunky gluelam Sapele stair treads – made by the owner – which look like they float on air, or the delicious contrasts between stone, timber and ironwork. Look at the lighting, both natural and artificial. Look at the towering ceiling heights and the upper floor bridge that spans the living area.

Outside the surrounding woodland doesn’t hem this house in but keeps to a respectful distance. It lets the house breath. It gives way to a sophisticated and beautifully tended landscape that harmonises with the house itself. The garage could be a Park Lane London luxury car showroom, and the workshop a Formula One racing pit.

I took away so much from this house. I even wanted to take away the amazing and fashionably rusted main gates, but they were too big and had to stay at the property – lucky new owners.

This is a fabulous house. In fact, this is a modern masterwork.

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