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The House: 24 Meadow Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut

The Broker: Houlihan Lawrence

The Agent: Amanda Miller

Nick Churton of the Houlihan Lawrence London office falls in love with a Greenwich beauty.

It takes love and flair to take a traditional, gracious, Greenwich residence and improve it without missing a beat and, in so doing, creating an exciting, modern home, in touch with the moment,

Inside and out, 24 Meadow Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut looks as fresh as a daisy. It probably hasn’t always appeared like this. There may have been years since it was built in the 1930s when it slowly became out of step with the zeitgeist.

Not now. Now, behind the elegant exterior, it is contemporary. It has fizz and sparkle and zing. A lively mind and talented hand has conjured up time travel here. A Greenwich grande dame has become a debutant again – and not just any debutant, but the belle of the ball.

I urge you to mark this down on your dance card when you are viewing Greenwich properties. This one’s a keeper.


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