Bay or Ocean 2


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The House: 964 Lagoon Lane South, Mantoloking, New Jersey

The Broker: Diane Turton Realtors

Nick Churton of Diane Turton Realtors’ London office takes a walk on the calm side at this excellent home overlooking Barnegat Bay.

It can be a hard choice but many buyers along the New Jersey shore in Mantoloking, New Jersey pick the bay side rather than the ocean.

They decide for a calmer view, one where cormorants sit on poles perusing their next meal or preening their feathers, where the sunset reflects off the bay’s glassy surface and where boats take a leading role with one’s own ready to go from one’s own private dock.

If this is your chosen lifestyle then the perfect choice may well be 964 Lagoon Lane. I loved this house. It is clean crisp, spacious and follows a waterside aesthetic that is, at once, comfortably familiar and individually notable.

The architect delivered a wonderfully proportioned home. And the interior designer put together a contemporary, comfortable and restful space full of invention and charm. The third floor is perfect and I wont spoil the surprise but the other floors are really just as good.

964 Lagoon Lane is a bit of a showstopper. If you have been looking for the ideal bayside house then I think your search stops here.


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