The Other New Jersey

Nick Churton of Turpin Realtors‘ London office heads deep into the New Jersey countryside to find a home which brings new meaning to the term, house proud.

Broker: Turpin Realtors

Agent: John Schott

Away from the New Jersey of Bruce Springsteen and the New Jersey Turnpike of Simon and Garfunkel; and away from the built up New Jersey that faces Manhattan across the Hudson River and then runs in a ribbon of coastal enclaves down to the Boardwalk and bright lights of Atlantic City, there is another place entirely. This is the area that most outsiders don’t hear about very much – or often get to see. But they should. New Jersey is a huge area of land – about a sixth of the landmass of England. The first impression one gets of this other New Jersey, once away from the industrial engine of the state, the trunk roads, airports and dense commuter areas, is the greenness of it all – wave after wave of hills for as far as the eye can see and well beyond are completely clothed in trees. This is what England must have looked like before man invented the axe. New Jersey is called the Garden State, although if you’re standing in Jersey City or Hoboken it might not seem like it.

This other New Jersey is a verdant world that contains some of the most beautiful houses in the United States. Many were built for Wall Street financiers or corporate lawyers who wanted a quiet retreat from the frenzy of the big city. One such home is Hidden Pond Farm in Harding Township. It was built in 1927 as a summer home for a noted attorney and private counsel to John D Rockefeller Jn.

Since the day it was built this home, set in over 43 acres of meticulously maintained grounds, has never been anything than perfectly and particularly looked after. The investment in care and expense has seen no limits. If you seek a home where you know everything is just as good below the surface as it is on the surface then look no further.

Take a look at the details here if you want further information, but take it from me that if you are the type of house buyer who never accepts second best then you won’t be disappointed. But you won’t be surprised either, for the current owners truly understand what no compromise and total attention to detail really mean. If you want everything perfect in your house then take a look here. You will be right at home.

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