Stop Dreaming, Start Living


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Nick Churton of Robert Paul Properties’ London ofice visits a home in Orleans, Massachusetts that represents the pinnacle of  Cape Cod living and lifestyle.

Broker: Robert Paul Properties

Agents: Robert Kinlin and Fran Schofield

Say you have long yearned for a perfect Cape Cod lifestyle. You’ve made some enquiries about the best broker in the area to help make your dream come true. This, by common consent, is Robert Paul Properties. It turns out that they might have just the thing for you. But you are sceptical because you know that you will be a very demanding buyer. This purchase is very important for you and your family. You are in search of the almost impossible.

The location would have to be breathtaking. You don’t want to be on show but you don’t want to be isolated either. And you want direct ocean access but from a sheltered position. A private beach would be a must for the family – two would be better – but the house would have to be set in an elevated position to enjoy sensational year-round views. Of course the house would need to be bang up to date in the glorious Cape Cod style – no point in having the dream without living it. But then you dont want to have all this done. It takes far too much time. You have enough to do. You want it now.

A pool would be an essential part of the package of course, with a great outdoor kitchen and beautifully landscaped gardens.

You’d want to be able to reach Cape Cod’s most exclusive resort in less than five minutes in a fast boat and a blur of spray. When this rocket ship was not in use it would need to have its own boathouse along with a deep-water mooring.

When you had a look inside the house you’d want to know – just know for certain – that the interior had been put together by people who had miraculously anticipated your every Cape Cod desire and produced it, not only in the most beautiful and complete manner, but better than even you had ever imagined possible.

Yes, this is a tough set of demands. But I’ll tell you what, this house spits in the eye of those wishes. It fulfils all of them with ease and still offers more.

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