The Future Now


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Nick Churton of Turpin Realtors’ London marketing office peeks into the future at a beautiful new development in Bernards Township, New Jersey.

Broker: Turpin Realtors

Agents: Molly Tonero and Nadine Coffey

I have seen the future. I have walked through it. It was okay. In fact it was more than okay: it was superb.

Property buyers in New Jersey might be surprised when their agents urge them to go and see the homes at Mine Brook Farm at Bernards Township. It might not be quite what they imagine themselves living in. But this is not just any run of the mill new development. It is an agriculturally and ecologically inspired community development – so it is doubtful many would think to ask for it in the first place. But what does this term mean? Well it means lots of excellent eco stuff that all sounds very cool, and green and now. It involves meadows and bees, farm-to-table living and other virtuous natural benefits that all of us should like and applaud. Who doesn’t want to be greener nowadays? But it is the design for living which so impressed me.

These houses are not just in touch with nature they are in touch with the zeitgeist.

Potential buyers may well be unprepared for what they discover here. Before they go through the doors they may be sceptical, as they will be faced with strikingly contemporary looking farmhouses or barns. These are not the norm. Inside are interiors that will confound their preconceptions about living. But slowly they might realise something they didn’t know before, that these interiors are how they really want to live today.

Old-fashioned multi-zone living has been swept away here. New concepts in how families live today have been recognised. Things will never be the same again. When these viewers go back to their own homes they will realise how dated things look and feel. Like trading in a ten-year-old car for a brand new one. Living at Mine Brook Farm is like living in an Audi. All is sleek, incredibly well thought out, beautifully designed and exquisitely finished. An Audi is a finely engineered and brilliantly designed machine for driving. Mine Brook Farm is a finely engineered and brilliant machine for living.

There are no gyms in these houses. There is a community gym in the community barn. Why pay for the equipment and extra space that you don’t use all the time when you can share it? Same with the tennis court. There are no dining rooms. Do you really need a room that you probably only use twice a year? Why waste that space when you can use it for every day of the year living. Want more space for big family and friends get-togethers every now and then? Then use the community barn party room with adjacent catering kitchen. Invite everyone and don’t mess up your own place.

At Mine Brook Farm the developers figured out how people want to live today and then created it. It is courageous speculation but it is right. Buying one of these twelve all-different homes might seem a bold step today, but believe me it really isn’t because tomorrow when you move in you will find it’s perfect for living in the here and now. Welcome to the future.

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