Going Dutch


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Nick Churton of Halstead Property’s London, UK office discovers a real jewel when he visits a fabulous waterside home at 133 Rowayton Avenue, Rowayton, Connecticut.

Broker: Halstead Property

Agents: Bettina Hegel, Susan O’Rourke and Nancy Dauk

A Dutch ensign flies at the stern of the sleek, craftsman-built, 27 ft. launch or Kapiteinssloep riding easily and rather proudly at its mooring in Rowayton, Connecticut. The craft was lovingly and expertly built by Wajer Yachts in Holland where they know a thing or two about constructing boats. Quality boatbuilding has been part of the culture of the Netherlands since the 16th century. The very word yacht comes from the Dutch word, jacht.

So one might expect that a homeowner from Holland, and with such an eye for high quality craftsmanship, would be just as discerning about where they live on land. And so it is here in Rowayton, the affluent coastal village just 40 miles from New York City. From the cobbled forecourt, past the two-car garage, through the impeccable open plan first floor, over the beautifully paved patio garden, down the companionway, along the jetty and onto the launch this is top quality all the way – an impeccably well presented home maintained to an extremely high standard. Like the launch, which is included in the sale, this house will not let you down practically or socially. It whispers style – for this is not a brash, loud property. It is rather understated and classy. Like the Dutch.

Designed by Beinfield Architecture of North Norwalk, CT – with 80 design awards to its name – the stone and shingle townhouse with deep water dock on Five Mile River and direct access to Long Island Sound offers the buyer an extremely sophisticated and rewarding lifestyle.

Alongside boatbuilding, another Dutch specialty is diamonds. Have no doubt this is a subtly and beautifully cut, diamond of a house.

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