Bird of Paradise


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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty spots a rare bird on the market in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Broker: Smith & Associates

Agent: Malowany Group

If 2600 Driftwood Road South, St Petersburg, Florida was a bird, and not a house, it would surely be an elusive bird of paradise – its bright plumage attracting admiring glances by all those lucky enough to glimpse it. Painting a house bright yellow doesn’t work everywhere. In fact it would be a huge design error along most streets in the world. But here in lush and leafy, semi-tropical St Petersburg and on this wonderful Spanish inspired waterside home it is perfect. It works. It belongs.

The architect and artist, Mark Dixon Dodd, designed this and eighteen other delightful homes in the Bayou Oaks area of St Petersburg in the late 1930s. They are all still there, following the natural line of the Big Bayou, drawing those admiring glances and providing an inspiring and rewarding place to live for their enthusiastic residents – residents so enthusiastic they are famously reluctant to move, making these homes of paradise rare visitors to the real estate market.

More recently, local architect, Tim Clemmons, well known for his arts and urban projects, has cleverly and unobtrusively added to No 2600 – itself called Driftwood. He has been careful not to strike a discordant note with the original vision of his illustrious predecessor.

Driftwood is securely located in a gated estate. Many of the original architect’s signature features still exist including the wooden ceilings and tiled floors. But it has been sympathetically and successfully updated. The house sits in almost an acre of beautiful gardens with 150 ft. of private beach/water front. There is also berthing for a 70 ft. yacht.

I think Dixon Dodd would like what has been done to the place – including the colour. It would have pleased his artist’s eye.

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