Chapter Four

Please click on image for further details.

Please click on image for further details.

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty lives the dream in Cape Cod.

Broker: Robert Paul Properties

Agent: Barbara Hussey

Remember the dream you had of a house on Cape Cod when you were younger? No, not the one with the little weatherboard shack in the dunes with rain filled clouds scudding across a leaden sky and wind-whipped sand nipping at your ankles as you walk on the beach.

This is the other dream, the one with sunny skies and a larger house with pink shutters and enough room for lots of family, friends and pets – the one where you get to look out every evening over a rocky shore to amazing sunsets beyond. There is plenty of room – eight bedrooms – but it is just as you like it – rather unpretentious and put together fairly randomly over the years with love, happiness and laughter. No New York or Boston decorator has made his or her stylized mark here. This has been assembled with the true heart of a loving owner. The house is wide but only one room deep so there are ocean views from just about everywhere. Downstairs, of course, there are delightful entertaining rooms opening up from one to another, there’s a dining room perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas and also a homely kitchen. Upstairs there is plenty of space for children, grandchildren and good friends. At the rear outside there is a wide deck for relaxing and dining and a rocky breakwater to sit with your feet dangling in the water. At the front there is plenty of parking for cars and a boat or two. It is the house of your life.

It is a lovely dream but you can never have actually lived there because this is, after all, only a dream and not a memory. In the early chapters of your life – childhood, early adulthood and early parenthood – there was neither time nor perhaps the money for such a home. So it remained a dream.

But now you have turned to another chapter – chapter four. The kids are older. The career has blossomed. You now have time and opportunity to follow your dream. Now is the perfect time to make the move to Cape Cod.

I urge you to wake up to 39 Point Road, North Falmouth. It overlooks Buzzards Bay. It is your dream come true.

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