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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty ticks off a bucket list item but at the same time also discovers a wonderful home.

Broker: Robert Paul Properties

Agent: Robert Kinlin

Like many baby boomers around the world I first learned of Woods Hole, the pretty, former whaling town lying at the extreme southwest corner of Cape Cod, through watching documentary television programmes on exploring the oceans by people like Jacques Cousteau. Often there would be mention of a team member or diver who was attached to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. It sounded most romantic and stirred my youthful imagination.

So I was delighted, eventually, to find myself at Woods Hole. I wasn’t really there for the Institution or because of my memories but instead for more land-based research – viewing a house.

Woods Hole certainly didn’t disappoint in its romanticism. It is a thriving and friendly community. Ferries ply from here to Martha’s Vineyard about seven miles away – another romantic location.

The house I saw didn’t disappoint either. But this is no New England vernacular. This is a contemporary home in one of the finest locations in the area. The site is at the division between Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound – a gently convex peninsular at the apex of which is this beautiful sundial of a house. In the early morning the rising sun shines through the rear windows. In the evening the sun sets magnificently though the front windows. Inside – decorated in bright, natural, earthy tones – is a strikingly modern, comfortable and spacious home.

Outside to the front and across a grassy meadow is a beach with jetty and seasonal dock – ideal for keeping a small boat for your own marine research or recreation. Out on the water one should always be concerned about maritime navigation. But here there is great added help. Next door to the property is the famous Nobska Lighthouse. It dates from 1876 and has guided generations of local seafarers safely home.

Let me guide you safely to a great new home.

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