To The Lighthouse

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In his Brief Encounter series of short blogs on fabulous homes Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty based in London takes special a look at houses that delight, excite and inspire.

87 Plum Daffy Lane
Chatham, MA USA

In the autumn and winter months Chatham in Cape Cod can wear a grey, cloudy, cloak. A chill wind off the Atlantic can ruffle the waters of Stage Harbour and bend the reeds that fringe the Oyster River. It is a haunting look that appeals greatly to those who really love Cape Cod in this mood. Then, most of the visitors are of the feathered variety – vacationing from the Arctic. But in spring and summer the vacationers here mostly wear shorts and delight in long days of water sport, entertaining and being entertained. It is a time when Cape Cod echoes to the sound of laughter, smells of barbecue and wears blue.

No 87 Plum Daffy Lane occupies a front row seat to this ever-changing Cape Cod world. From it’s lawns, terraces, balconies and windows the river stretches out towards the Stage Harbour lighthouse, Nantucket Sound, Monomoy Island and the dunes of the Atlantic. It is a magnificent and commanding view.

This is a prized spot for lovers of the Cape. And this house readily accepts the changes in mood. In the winter months it is a cosy, fire-warmed retreat and a perfect base for wrapped-up walks. In the summer months it transforms into the perfect waterfront home with 300ft of private waterfront with sandy beach.

Virginia Woolf, who wrote To The Lighthouse in 1926, would no doubt have enjoyed the introspective nature of this place in winter – and the view to the light. What season will you love best or will you, like most who come to live here, simply enjoy each day as it comes?

Broker: Robert Paul Properties

Agent: Christine Altneu

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