How to Make an American Quilt

please click on image for further details

Please click on image for further details

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty enjoys a comfortable and creativly fashioned home in New York.

At their best American quilts can be items of utmost and complex beauty. When the component parts are beautiful in their own right, when the maker has a talented eye for design, pattern and colour – and great skill with a needle – then a quilt can reach the very highest plane of art and craft.

So it was no real surprise to find that one of the owners of 340 Croton Lake Road, New York is a supreme quilt maker, as her eye, touch and flair can be seen across the whole of this property.

This magnificent home, only about 40 miles from New York City, has an airy position high above the Croton Reservoir.  This is no bland body of water.  It winds river-like for nine miles through steep-sided wooded hills and provides this eyrie with an outstanding backdrop.

Yet despite the superb view it is the architectural and interior detail and design that really holds the attention.  Each room, each window, floor, door, fixture, fitting, work surface, picture and stick of furniture is brought together with a glorious garden into one harmonious whole. It is like an American quilt – a brilliant creator has sewn all the exquisite elements tightly together into a living masterpiece.

It is impossible not to become wrapped up in this house.

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