God v Man

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty poses a difficult question in light of visiting one of the finest houses anywhere.

Serious questions need to be asked at Seafair, the outstanding Ocean Drive estate at Newport, Rhode Island: questions like, does the house make the location or the location make the house? Here, God put down the foundations and supplied the view. But man made a heavenly house that complements this incomparable location.

The entrance is over a magnificent and rugged 9-acre private peninsular which juts out jaggedly into Rhode Island Sound. It leads to one of the most attractive house frontages one could ever desire. But that is just the overture. The full symphony comes when one walks through this exquisite house to the rear. The restless sea is the orchestra. It provides a score to the living backdrop of surf, movement and drama. This is high opera living.

Seafair certainly is a musical house. Elton John and Billy Joel have both performed here at private celebrations. But it was built as a family house and in that it excels. The interior is divine with eight en-suite bedrooms. Outside is as wonderful, with an ocean-facing pool, expansive terraces and balconies, a carriage/pool house, tennis courts and garages. An additional three-bedroom residence is available. It is a Loire Chateau, a Parisian palace, and a jewel amongst many other jewels in Newport which somehow just seems to glisten a little brighter than most. It is a miracle of a house.

Once again Melanie Delman, at brokers Lila Delman, has brought another Newport classic to the market.  Why does she always get these prizes?  Because Newport runs in her veins and she is the ‘go to’ person for serious folk who are serious about this amazing town.

So, does God or man win at Seafair? One shouldn’t need to ask. It is God, inevitably. But, as the Duke of Wellington said after narrowly winning the Battle of Waterloo, ‘It was the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life’!

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