Beyond A Joker

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty visits a loft in Houston, Texas fit for a super-hero.

Only in America could a developer have the courage to build a serious apartment block as an hommage to Batman, call the building Gotham – and get away with it! Pedimented, gargoyled and columned, this building is a monument to modern American popular culture. But in the films the buildings of Gotham City are, brooding, brutal, pessimistic and dark, whereas this one is light, witty, optimistic and pink.

Up on the top floor is a penthouse as spectacular as it is airy. The lower floor of this duplex is vast with floor to ceiling windows that look over to the metropolis of Houston, Texas. This open plan area contains living, dining, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom areas. Then there is a spectacular balconied mezzanine floor, served by two staircases, that contains more bedrooms and bathrooms.

This is the coolest place. It’s a place for a star – in film, sport, rock music, business or any other field. This is hedonism in its residential form. It is a glorious realm in which to circulate, luxuriate and whatever-ate. It is outrageous, fantastic and breathtaking. But although perhaps comic in influence it is serious in intent – more Bruce Wayne than Joker. It is amazing – it could only happen in America, and perhaps only in Texas.

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1 Response to Beyond A Joker

  1. Thank you Nick!
    We enjoyed having you visit Houston and visit this amazing loft! It is truly a “rare coin!”
    See you soon!
    Sharon Dreyer
    John Daugherty Realtors

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