Waterside, East Portlemouth - house, slipway and beach

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Nick Churton from the Luscombe Maye, London office, gets all watery-eyed over an iconic beach house at Salcombe, Devon.

The Property: Waterside, East Portlemouth, Salcombe, Devon, UK

The Estate Agent: Luscombe Maye

The Office: Salcombe

Is this the most longed-for house in Salcombe, Devon, England, or indeed the world?

There can’t be anyone gazing across the estuary from oh-so-fashionable Salcombe – one of England’s most prized and pretty coastal towns for living, visiting and sailing – who hasn’t cast an envious eye towards the enormously attractive pink house opposite, sitting next to its own beach.

The house tempts the viewer to dream of carefree days with family and friends, enjoying simple pleasures, and doing what all great seaside houses should do – making cherished memories.

Now comes a once in a lifetime opportunity, as the house with a delightful garden, boathouse and two private moorings is on the market. It probably won’t come available again for decades.

For someone, the dreaming will come to an end when he or she buys this unique and celebrated house. They will wake up owning a prize beyond price. For what is the value of a dream come true? What is the value of slipping your mooring in your Salcombe Yawl and going racing, or jumping in the RIB with the kids and heading off around dramatic Bolt Head or up the enchanting creek to South Pool? What is the value of owning a grandchildren playground and magnet? These things, dear reader, are priceless. Take it from one who knows.

And spare a thought for the people over the other side of the estuary, glancing in your direction and dreaming. You were in their shoes once. Fortune has also turned her gaze on you.

Some houses seem beyond price or value. This is one of them.

Waterside, East Portlemouth - house and lawn

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