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Nick Churton of the Waterfront Properties and Club Communities’ London office, joins Managing Partner, Rob Thomson, on a visit to a single story Palm Beach villa with the unmistakable Palm Beach look.


The Property: 1020 North Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, Florida


The Broker: Waterfront Properties and Club Communities


The Managing Partner: Rob Thomson


The Agent: Trina Lane


I have been thinking about 1020 North Ocean Boulevard since I visited the property. There is a distinct Palm Beach style, and this home certainly has it. But there is more to this Greek revival villa than meets the eye. If you are going to live in Palm Beach, then North or South Ocean Boulevard is the address to be. President Donald Trump lives here. So too does Rod Stewart. John Lennon had a house here. I could go on and on and on.


But what I love about this house is that it is such a useful size. A single, couple or small family can come to resent rooms that they don’t use but for which they pay. There is no need for such resentment here. This home has to be the ideal full-use residential villa that offers elegance with square foot restraint.


I also loved the back yard – or back garden, as we say in the UK. It is exclusively made over to the terrace and swimming pool. But it is not just any pool; this is a movie star rated pool, flanked by a magical dining loggia to one side and the kitchen wing to the other – if George Clooney had appeared in swimsuit or tuxedo, I wouldn’t have been surprised. The loggia and pool are bounded at the back by a high hedge backdrop providing complete privacy for alfresco dining and skinny-dipping – if skinny-dipping is your thing.


Wander around the rooms here, and it is not hard to imagine spending a relaxed day, week, month or even year in this lovely space. Nor is it hard thinking of the grand parties or smaller soirees with friends from the neighbourhood. They will be a well-heeled bunch and many will have larger houses. But few will have grander homes. The Ancient Greeks had real style, and now that look is alive and well in Palm Beach. Other architectural looks come and go. But this style is always in fashion. As they say, form is temporary, but class is permanent.

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