Slow Track To Success

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Nick Churton from the Residential Properties, London office, discovers a quaint and tranquil cottage in a charming coastal location only 24 miles from bustling Providence. As he says, “What’s there not to like”?

The Property: 31 Gould Way, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

The Broker: Residential Properties

The Agents: Dana Zangari

Some of the most attractive features of New England are the charming communities that hug the coastline. They can be found all the way up the seaboard including islands such as Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Some neighbourhoods are now so popular they have become prohibitively expensive and, in summer months, impossibly congested. But some remain quiet, tucked away and only familiar to those in the know. I discovered one of these in North Kingstown, Rhode Island recently. Rhode Island, nicknamed the Ocean State, may be the smallest state in the union, but it boasts over 400 miles of beautiful coastline – enough to hide some perfect gems.

North Kingstown has the look and character of a small and quaint artists’ enclave. It is the sort of place where bees hum in the summer and fires crackle in the winter – and even where one may feel it unnecessary to lock the front door. It is a hamlet of charming gardens and picturesque shingle-clad houses with views to the water. In summer kids can adventure as their parents did when they were children. It is a rare thing nowadays and a priceless gift.

Close-by are the yacht and tennis club, library, church and post office. This is a friendly and welcoming community that is alive throughout the year.

31 Gould Way was built in 1900 for local ferryboat captain, J. Lester Eaton. The house still bears the name of its original owner who would, I am sure, still recognise the layout of his house – but not the décor or the facilities. Today this cottage is a chic and comfortable coastal home. Top marks for the first floor bedroom. Outside there is a studio for creativity, fitness or extra accommodation. The garden is a haven and a delight.

So let the stress of modern living slip away. Take a step back from the 24-hour news cycle. Get back in touch with your inner harmony, smell the flowers, be on first name terms with your neighbours – all of them – and join the slow track.

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