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Nick Churton from the Diane Turton Realtors’ London office gets all watery eyed at a breathtaking beach house on the New Jersey shore.

The Property: 712 Morven Terrace, Sea Girt, New Jersey

The Broker: Diane Turton Realtors

The Agent: Colleen Tobin

I checked out the definition of seagirt and found it means surrounded by sea. This was one of the questions I had when I reached Oceanfront, Sea Girt, on the New Jersey shore. Next, I wondered how this house would look like on the inside because it seemed pretty amazing to me on the outside?

If you follow my footsteps, I challenge you not to shout, “Wow”, and then dive for your beach clothes, because when you go through the front door of this home, you realise that the house is not on the beach, it is the beach.

At this magnificent contemporary home with an industrial vibe interior, you sleep on the beach, shower on the beach, eat on the beach and relax on the beach – or so it seems. All there is separating the house from the strand is a giant wall of glass. It is fabulous in the summer, but also cosy warm in the winter – giving the home a year-round life.

The beach is what living in this part of the world is all about. It is an antidote to the urban frenzy of New York City only sixty-odd miles to the north.

There is a strong chance that buyers will want to balance both beach and city lifestyles – city to make their living and beach to enjoy their living. Commuting is made easy at Oceanfront by only a two-hour rail journey between Manasquan station (only five minutes from the house) and Penn Station in Manhattan.

Oceanfront blurs the lines between city and beach living with a loft look that offers a sophisticated modern design with a carefree sand-between-the-toes lifestyle. So, go on, kick off your shoes and join the beach set.

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