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Nick Churton from the Houlihan Lawrence London office takes a lesson in the importance of geography to property and education.

The Property:     48 Porter Street, Lakeville, Connecticut

The Broker:        Houlihan Lawrence

The Agent:          Marc Maclean

If you don’t know Lakeville, Connecticut, then let me introduce you to this bucolic place. Tucked away in beautiful hills in the northwest corner of the state – between the Hudson River and the Berkshires – Lakeville is a small town with a big impact. Why live here? There are four good reasons: schools, beauty, community and the lake – Wononskopomuc Lake to be precise, but we’ll stick to calling it, ‘the lake’!

Schools are such a draw for parents buying homes and Lakeville has three of the state’s premier private high schools – The Hotchkiss School, Salisbury Boy’s School and Berkshire School.

Lakeville is a peaceful area – except on match day! I can’t begin to imagine the sporting and academic rivalry between the schools here. If you want your child prepared for the hurly burly of modern post-education life, then Lakeville is a pretty good place to start.

But on non-match days Lakeville returns to peace and serenity. It is a far cry from the frenzy of New York City only three hours away. That’s a little over 100 miles, so very doable for the weekend.

And what about the wonderful house I went to see? First, there is nothing to improve. Its done, and to a very high standard. It is spacious, tasteful and occupies a magnificent elevated position with a glorious view of the lake to wooded hills beyond. In autumn, it is an indescribably beautiful palette of colour. I feel I don’t need to describe it here. Just take a look at the video – what on earth is there not to like?

So, if you like peace, beauty and preparing your offspring for adulthood, then this is the ideal seat of learning for masterminding operations.

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