Hen’s Tooth

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Nick Churton from the Houlihan Lawence, London office, feels the presence of a master architect at a magnificent home overlooking Long Island Sound.

The Property: 217 Hommocks Road, Larchmont, New York

The Broker: Houlihan Lawrence

The Agent: Katie Becker McLoughlin

You tell your agent that you want a special house in Larchmont, New York, one with presence and style. Then you add that it must be on the water. That’s the kicker because there are, of course, waterfront houses and waterfront houses.

Some houses need a beautiful waterfront position to give them added appeal, and some waterside locations need a fine house to give them a strong focal point. Very rarely, however, there is a balance between house and watery location. Both add to each other in equal measure. When this happens there is an alchemy that produces a home of rare and incomparable brilliance and desirability. These are like hen’s teeth. You have almost more chance of being stepped on by a dinosaur than finding one of these houses.

So this, dear reader, is where I urge you to pay extra attention, because when your agent suggests you view 217 Hommocks Road with 400 ft. of shoreline, you should drop everything and jump in your car. For this is a hen’s tooth.

I’m not going to list all the many great features here, nor am I going to outline the fabulous benefits either. There is not enough room and anyway I don’t need to: when you visit you will understand.

Although there is no evidence that celebrated architect, Stanford White, designed this house, it has all his hallmarks. This is a wonderfully laid out home that has been delightfully updated and decorated by the current owners. Like the waters of Long Island Sound outside, this home shimmers. It is outstanding.

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