Reluctant To Leave


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The Property: 526 West Wesley Road, Atlanta, Georgia

The Broker: Harry Norman Realtors

The Agent: Rebie Benedict

Nick Churton, of Harry Norman Realtors’ London Office, visits an Atlantan home that possesses off-the-scale individuality and style.

Whenever I walk into an Apple or Ralph Lauren store, I have the distinct and pleasurable feeling that I am entering someone else’s dream. There is a particular style about those spaces – a clear vision that tells the shopper they could not be anywhere else.

I had the same feeling when I visited 526 West Wesley Road in Atlanta. Not only is there a distinct style, but also it is a style unique to this property. Interior decoration comes in many guises. One is an often-bland, magazine-led contemporary version, putting together safe, fashionable colours, textures and furniture styles. It is all very agreeable but predictable. Another version blows away the expected and creates a vision that enters the realm of breathtakingly unpredictable. The owners here have achieved this spectacularly well and fashioned a space that is never quirky, funky or avant-garde but is endlessly exciting, provoking, cultured and comfortable.

To walk through this home is to journey between rooms, each one different but at the same time, in harmony with its neighbour. Then there are the surprises. Every home should have several of these. Here they come in the form of garden room, upper floor logia and enchanting wine cellar.

The journey and surprises continue outside in the garden. Here a group of beautifully orchestrated garden ‘rooms’, are distinct but connected. A woodland walk leads to an orangery – ideal for intimate candle-lit suppers, afternoon tea or just a good read. Elsewhere there are water features, parterre-hedging and shady corners.

A mark of a good house is that one is reluctant to leave. I went beyond reluctant. I didn’t want to leave – ever – and almost had to be dragged out. Do take a look if you are shopping for a home in Atlanta. I guarantee you will never be in any doubt that you are in the unique space that is home, that you could not be anywhere else – nor would ever want to be.


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