Back to Front

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The House: 100 Chicago Blvd, Sea Girt, New Jersey

The Broker: Diane Turton Realtors

Nick Churton of Diane Turton Realtors’ London office finds great value in this front line, back line home on the New Jersey shore.

Front line to the sea attracts a premium price in most places, especially in Sea Girt, New Jersey. Houses in front line positions fetch more than those located in back line locations. It’s as simple and as understandable as that.

But 100 Chicago Blvd, Sea Girt, New Jersey is a home one block back with a front line view, so offers great value as well as a good outlook.

The current owners have really done a great job in creating a family beach house only a step away from the beach but also those extra high-season crowds.

It is a clever option for those wanting so see the sun rise over the ocean from their beds and enjoy a quieter life.

The house comes as a very pleasant surprise indeed. Down in the well-appointed basement is a wet bar and excellent wine cellar. Then there are five charming bedrooms and a great family area with a professional grade kitchen.

If value is as important to you as the view, then this must be a real contender.

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