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Nick Churton of the Houlihan Lawrence London office takes a look at an outstanding home with breathtaking view high up in the Kinderhook hills in New York.

There is an eyebrow window on the gallery landing of Folly Farm in Kinderhook, New York, that looks over the wide, wooded Hudson Valley and captures the length of the Catskill Mountains within its frame. How does the window come to be there? The only explanation is that someone thought about it in three dimensions before the constructors turned up, and perhaps even before the first line was drawn on the plan.

The ability to think three dimensionally is a gift. It gives those gifted the vision to see exactly how something will look simply by closing their eyes and imagining. But then what is needed is the means and passion to bring that vision into a magnificent reality.

And that is exactly what you get at this astonishing hilltop residence built by its current owners. It is a perfect marriage between concept and execution, ambition and fruition, and home and vista.

The owners took a parcel of land and created a haven that is both intimate enough for two but large enough for many.

This is an utterly rewarding home tastefully appointed and constructed using only the finest and most beautiful materials.

It also has secrets. I will not say here what they are. Go and discover them for yourself. Like the rest of this astonishing house and garden they will not disappoint.

Folly 1

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