Barefoot Beauty


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Nick Churton of Village Properties’ London office finds that he would rather wash up on this Santa Barbara beach than just about anywhere else in the world.

Broker: Village Properties

Agent: Grubb Campbell Group

All good houses move the spirit. But the very best touch all the senses as well. 3353 Padaro Lane, Carpinteria, California does this. I mention the address because those in the know would choose this road ahead of any other in Santa Barbara. This is the road with houses that meet the beach, the road where living with the ocean is a reality rather than a dream and the road where even the simplest home becomes a pavilion of splendour.

This beach house on the Californian Riviera is the stuff of lifelong recollections, where children and grandchildren will return to time and time again – if only in their memories.

The view of the ocean is a light-filled wonder – with pelicans gliding by. The sound of the waves lulls even the most restless soul. The ocean breeze wafts through the open windows gently caressing the skin and bringing with it the smell of the sea and salt that lingers on the lips. This is what heaven tastes like. It is a sensory feast of a house.

This home has the power to inspire and nurture and the power to heal and restore. Great beach houses do this and this is a great beach house.

A wide deck for all day living separates the house from the beach – its slight elevation creating privacy and seclusion. Inside the home the rooms have been perfectly and romantically decorated in effortless castaway chic by a highly gifted homemaker. So cast around no further. This house is way too good to miss.

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