Sixth Sense


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Buying a home should involve all the senses – not just sight. It should also include sound, smell, feel and taste. I was reminded of this in Uncle Marks Way in Orleans. I am not sure who Uncle Mark or Marks was – perhaps I should be. But I imagine he became the namesake of this great little thoroughfare on which number 28 stands proudly.

The gentle summer breeze off Nauset Harbour rustles the garden leaves and grasses; the smell of the sea lingers in the nostrils and bare feet touch cool tile, warm paving, smooth timber and soft grass. There is salt on the lips.

But in buying a home there should be another sense – a sixth sense. This is the sense that something is right, the sense of opportunity and the sense that there is unfinished business which, with a little fresh flair and imagination, could create something very special indeed.

This house already has magic. It also has the bones. The windows and doors are in the right places. The rooms are of superb sizes and proportions. The gardens, decks, pool and cabana want for little. The view wants for nothing. It just needs a knowing touch. It needs a special buyer with that all-important sixth sense.

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