Crow’s Nest


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Nick Churton of Lila Delman Real Estate’s London, UK office looks out over Newport Harbour from mast-top height and finds lots to look at and lots to like.

Broker: Lila Delman Real Estate

Agent: Alyce Wright

Newport, Rhode Island is full of spectacular properties to suit all tastes. If you want grand then Newport does that. If you want period/historic then it does that too. But many home buyers want waterside. After all Newport and its harbour is at the heart of sailing in the USA. And if it is waterside you are after how cool would it be to own a two-bedroom duplex apartment in the heart of downtown Newport with a 37 ft. marina slip. Boat enthusiasts the world over will recognise the significance of this and the attraction. Welcome to Coddington Wharf.

All day long in the season Newport Harbour teems with boats of all sizes and types. There are modern ones and classic ones, working ones and leisure ones, racing ones and cruising ones. But most owners of boats of any description, having moored up for the day, will jump in their cars to head off home. Not here. The only transportation needed at Coddington Wharf is the elevator that whisks one up to the apartment. It is so close it is almost like an extension of the boat. The top floor acts as an owner’s or captain’s cabin with state room, marbled bathroom and outside deck. The floor below offers a beautifully fitted kitchen, living room, guest bedroom, bathroom and deck.

From here all the great land-based attractions of Newport are only a stroll away.

One could sit on one of the three decks in the sunshine all day watching life going on in the harbour. In fact sometimes it might well seem more appealing than getting wet on a boat. Up in that luxury eyrie one can spy all that is going on on the water without ever getting queasy. Call it a crow’s nest. And a very fine nest it is too.

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