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Please click on image for further details.

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty wonders if this home in Santa Barbara, California could be the perfect house, in the perfect place, in the perfect climate.

Broker: Village Properties

Agents: Riskin Partners

If you had to pick just one place in the world in which to live where would you choose? Chances are that if you have ever been to Santa Barbara in California, you would choose this place over just about anywhere. The thing about Santa Barbara – and Montecito in particular – is that it has everything – sun, sea, sky, mountains, lifestyle, light, food, culture, health, community and climate. It even has fabulous wine and lots of charming, talented – and often famous – neighbours. What is there not to like? It is far enough away from the hurly burly of LA but not too far to put off the very determined commuter.

And where in Santa Barbara would you like to be? I suggest 764 San Ysidro Lane. It is beyond beautiful. It sits in front of the dramatic Santa Ynes Mountains, which in the evenings bask in a pink and purple sunlight that casts long shadows across the craggy surfaces.

The weatherboarded New-England-style home wraps itself round two sides of the ever-so-blue pool. Inside it wraps its ever-so-comfortable arms around its occupants. It is sumptuous in its appointment. It oozes comfort. It is extremely well thought out. Take ‘her’ dressing room for instance: the wall-to-wall shoe rack holds 183 pairs of neatly placed boots and shoes. And there is bags of room – for bags. ‘His’ dressing room takes on a more masculine mantle but is no less organised. I have no doubt at all that you could tidily hang this year’s entire range of Hermes ties and still have plenty of space for last year’s.

Set amidst a garden full of wonderful specimen trees and sited along a secluded and well-manicured leafy lane, this house exemplifies Montecito. Trust me, if you had to choose just one place to live on this earth then this gorgeous house in this fabulous location would never disappoint, ever.

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