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Nick Churton of Mayfair international Realty sees a classic home in New Jersey and then starts hearing things.

Broker Turpin Realtors

Agent: Rose Murphy

Sunset is no big deal really – is it? After all it happens every day and often most of us hardly notice. But at 52 Chapin Road, Bernardsville, New Jersey the setting of the sun never goes unnoticed. Weather permitting the sun slowly dips below the far western horizon in a blaze of glory and with a visual fanfare that celebrates the passing day and heralds the new evening. Here sunset is not an occurrence: it is an event. If these sunsets were bugle calls they would be Taps.

In fact the entire property is an event. Some years ago the owner asked his agent to find him not so much a house as a view. She did. It was this one. There was a house as well but that held little interest and didn’t last long. Not that you would really know it. The replacement house looks at if it has been there forever. It belongs. That is because meticulous attention to detail went into the construction, layout and decoration. Then the same attention was given to the landscaping. The view took care of itself and created the inspiration for the house.

The great thing about this house is that everything works together perfectly. It looks right. It feels right. It smells right. It works right. There are no jarring notes. Nothing is missed. It is all just beautifully thought out and executed.

Look at how all the rooms share the great view – clever. Look at how the downstairs reception rooms flow – easy. Look at how the bedrooms comfort and restore – sleepy. Look at the magnificent kitchen – hungry. And look at the sensational wine cellar – tipsy.

Sunset – no big deal? It is here. The sun’s last rays remind you daily that it is time to put on the lights, get the patio fire going, that all is well with the world and that there is nowhere, just nowhere, quite like this to call home.

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