Reno – I Kid You Not

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty unearths a rich seam of new wealth and opportunity in the old mining and gaming town of Reno, Nevada – and somewhere very special to live.

Broker: Chase International Realty

Agent: Sandi Solomonson

It is not only good to be writing about the most important house in Reno, Nevada. It is also good to be writing about Reno itself.

Now most may think of this desert city as a centre for mining, gaming and the seedier things in life that grew up semi-lawlessly from a Wild West frontier town. Some will also remember that Reno suffered more than most US cities in the last recession. But that is all old news.

The new news is of a city reinventing itself. In losing its less-than-wholesome identity it is building a new, young, exciting and highly entrepreneurial one. It has become an important college city. It is grasping with both hands industrial and technological opportunities that should draw over 50,000 workers to the city over the next few years, and create thousands of infrastructure and service sector jobs on top of that.

If you didn’t know it already there is next to no income tax in Nevada, which provides a powerful incentive to work here. The weather is sunny and hot, and Lake Tahoe – just over an hour away – must be the most beautiful place in the world in which to cool down.

So millionaires and billionaires, and many more hundreds-of-thousandaires are catching on that, right now, Reno is just about the most exciting city in the US in which to make a fortune – or another one. And they will all want somewhere to call home when they are in town.

Nowhere could be better than the Nixon Mansion. Built in 1907 for US Senator George Nixon, for years this house welcomed politicians and dignitaries before its slide from use and grace – almost reflecting the fall in fortunes of Reno itself. Unlived-in and unloved for about twenty years it provided an illicit meeting place for local teenagers who, no doubt, did there what teenagers do in illicit meeting places. But, remarkably, no one damaged the house. Even forlorn and largely forgotten, perhaps it still demanded too much respect for that. So the soot-laden fixtures and fittings where left untouched, creating a house frozen in time and grime.

Now this magnificent historic mansion standing on 2.03 acres has been meticulously restored. The 17,964 sq. ft. residence sits high up overlooking the winding Truckee River and has panoramic views of Downtown Reno with the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains as a backdrop. It is within walking distance of fine restaurants and the growing facilities of the Downtown district, and is just a short drive to Reno’s International Airport.

Reno saw a silver rush in 1859. Now there is a cyber/techno/industrial rush going on. Whether it is for the Nixon Mansion or anywhere else in this burgeoning town, get here quick or someone else will stake his or her claim before you do. I kid you not about Reno. The race is on.

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