Collector’s Item

Please click on image foe further details.

Please click on image foe further details.

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty spends some quality time in a magnificent lakeside house in Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe, Nevada – with a view to match.

Broker: Chase International Realty

Agent: Shari Chase

What do you give the collector who has everything? Well, somewhere to put the collection for one thing. I am in the home of a serious collector – a world-class collector – and some of his fabulous collection is here with me. But really the house itself is a collector’s item. Let me tell you why.

Outside, under a cloudless deep blue sky, the crystal clear lake waters ripple languidly on the shore. I want to skim a stone on the flat, glassy surface of the water but there are no skimming stones as the shore is made up of the finest silver/white sand. Across the lake is a wall of snow-capped mountains suggesting a cold climate, yet, by the lake in June all is warm and still. All is quiet too, apart from the sound of birdsong and the occasional throaty interruption of a 6 cylinder powered, highly varnished, classic Chris Craft speedboat dancing gaily across the water, while spreading laughter and sparkly diamond rainbow spay in its wake.

Behind me, through the pine trees, peeks the house with its wide windows soaking up the bright sunlight and providing an utterly enchanting view from within. This is a special place. Opportunities to own a home on the Lake Tahoe shore – especially with 600 ft of private lakefront – are limited and this view must be just about unrivalled anywhere. The owner’s collections may be museum quality, but have no doubt, so is this house.

What I also like about Lake Tahoe is that this is not a summer-only retreat. It works all year round because when it gets too cold in the winter to venture out on the lake one heads for the world-class skiing slopes – Lake Tahoe was, after all, the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

So if you are searching for a breathtaking lakeside home in a beautiful mountain playground I hope you should try and bag this one.

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