10 On The Survival Scale

Please click on the image for further details.

Please click on the image for further details.

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty finds more than meets the eye in this outstanding Los Angeles home high in the Hollywood Hills.

Broker: Hilton & Hyland


Julie Candice and David Kramer

3.8 million people live in the city of Los Angeles which sits only 35 miles away from the southern section of the San Andreas Fault. Many say that it is not a question if a big earthquake will strike the area, but when?

That’s a lot of people hoping the big one will not happen in their lifetimes. Because if it does it could be a disaster on a scale even Hollywood couldn’t dream up – but not for the owners of 8570 Cole Crest Drive, Sunset Strip!

Welcome to a house built to withstand a high-magnitude earthquake. While all around them is chaos the residents here could be sitting pretty in their “safe core,” a 2,000 square foot, ballistic-proof suite that encompasses the master bedroom and children’s rooms. Or they could be drinking a cheeky Chablis while hunkered down in the basement wine cellar which doubles as an underground bunker.

With gleaming white walls and large windows overlooking downtown Los Angeles this house looks like many other fine and striking modern homes in the Hollywood Hills. But what goes unseen are the 60 steel-caged concrete caissons, each 30 feet deep and 30 inches in diameter, that form the foundations of this house and give it its unique strength.

Yet earthquakes aren’t the only disasters that could one day beset your everyday Los Angeles household. There are storms, wildfires, and pandemics. This home is built to withstand those too.

Then there is the nightmare possibility of an intruder with hostile intentions against you, your family and your property. No sweat. Multiple cameras linked to facial-recognition and biometric entry systems are placed throughout the house. If the cameras pick up someone who shouldn’t be there a variety of fogs can be emitted as a deterrent – ranging from a harmless but disorienting haze through to pepper spray and up to a noxious gas which will debilitate the inhaler for 24 hours.

So that covers just about everything – other than the unexpected. And even that is catered for. The roof is also a helipad for an against-all-odds last minute getaway in that greatest of Hollywood action movie traditions.

$5,750,000 will give you peace of mind despite all that nature and man can throw at you. This is indeed a home that scores 10 on the survival scale. Sleep tight and don’t let the earthquakes bite.

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