Shoes Off

PLease click on image for further details.

PLease click on image for further details.

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty gets to kick of his shoes in a favorite spot on Florida’s Gulf coast.

Broker: VIP Realty

Agent: Lynda Traverso

Real estate agents the world over know that there are shoes-off homes and shoes-on homes. Whether a home is or isn’t depends on the owner as much as the floor coverings.

On Sanibel Island, which is off the west coast of Florida near Fort Myers, all homes are shoes-off homes. This is because shoes become largely redundant the moment one crosses the three mile causeway separating mainland Florida from this gem of an island which has the Intracoastal waterway to its eastern side and the Gulf of Mexico to its west. In fact one can imagine visitors flinging their footwear out of their cars as they cross to the island – if only metaphorically. The causeway is transforming. Along its length it converts city and everyday stress into a unique brand of chillax mode. By the time one gets to the other side the only things important in life are a hammock, a cool drink and collecting seashells along the miles of pristine white beaches.

Here barefoot is the way of life. It doesn’t just describe what or what not to wear but an island way of thinking and living. It is no wonder that Sanibel lovers from all over the world seek sandy sanctuary here whenever they can.

But one exception to the barefoot rule is real estate agent, Lynda Traverso. Luckily she gets to mix business with pleasure. Since 1988 Linda has been selling homes on the island to eager buyers. She is one of the island’s top real estate producers and her expert opinion is often quoted across leading publications.

So when I wanted to highlight a home on the island I did nothing more than to look to Linda. 2959 W Gulf Dr is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, west corner apartment with glassed in lanai! It has some of the most spectacular views on Sanibel, especially for the best show in town – sunset. Plus there is a communal pool, jacuzzi and tennis court. There is even under-building parking – a blessing in Sanibel summer sunshine!

So if you are looking to relax this really ticks the box. It is also fully furnished so no packing required – especially your shoes!

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