A Point of View

PLease click on image for further details

Please click on image for further details

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty takes the opportunity to view a splendid house with comanding coastal views and historic perspective on Cape Cod – now being marketed through the Cape Cod specialists, Robert Paul Properties.

Down at the bottom of the wide waterfront garden of Point of View, 251 Green Dunes Drive, West Hyannisport, Cape Cod a large red tailed hawk – on the ground and only ten feet away from me – hardly troubled to look up from his mousy meal. Out over the water an osprey, oblivious to the boaters and swimmers enjoying the hot summer day, dived into the clear blue waters of Nantucket Sound after a large fish. This was in the first five minutes of being there. Goodness knows what one could see in a day or a week or a lifetime.

The house I was visiting stands on a point of land with a wide beachfront. To the southwest the view is to Squaw Island. It was one of the houses on Squaw Island that John F Kennedy used as a summer White House when, as President, he was mixing business with pleasure.

So, a pretty good location for a home it has to be said: but to match up to a great position you need a great house. And Point of View is certainly that. Designed by architect, Richard Bertman, in the shingle style this 10,000 sq ft home provides spacious family accommodation with grand reception rooms, five large bedroom suites, gourmet kitchen and inside pool. Outside in the generous 10-acre grounds there are a guesthouse and a separate caretaker’s apartment with private entrance. Also a six-car garage with motor court and a delightful mini 18 hole golf course. Water forms the boundary to three sides of the property.

By the time I had looked around the property the red tailed hawk had finished its meal. But the osprey was still on the prowl. The day was unfolding slowly and in its own time. That’s how the days do unfold in this part of the world. There is no rush. This is what a vacation home – and this one in particular – is all about.

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