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Please click on image for further details.

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty joins a discreet jet-set in a sub-tropical Florida paradise and visits an Itanianate waterfront home with some very famous neighbours.

It was not so long ago that the Florida zip code for Jupiter Island, 33455, represented the area in the whole of the US with the greatest income per resident. Some neighbourhoods in Silicon Valley have overtaken this now but Jupiter Island remains a very important community for those with wealth, style and discretion – especially on the east coast of the US. A certain privacy is afforded here – unlike the more in-your-face Palm Beach just down the road. I had expected a gated community. This was not so. But it is secure. If you can’t immediately see a police officer in a squad car then you’re sure to do so very soon.

Residents here include golfers, Tiger Woods and Greg Norman, and singer, Celine Dion. There is a choice of views to suit most deep pockets – golf course, intracoastal waterway and ocean. For deep, deep pockets you get to see both intracoastal and ocean.

I couldn’t quite make up my mind if the house I visited and on the market with Waterfront Properties & Club Communities, 494 South Beach Road, was more like a Tuscan farmhouse or a Venetian villa. To tell the truth it doesn’t matter.  Whichever it was more like, I liked it. It was a cool marbled, waterside palace fit for a prince or princess of Jupiter.

Outside is a lawn so well tended that your near neighbour, Tiger, could use it for putting practice. Beyond the lawn is the deep water dock for a yacht so large that you could stand at the bow, stretch your arms wide and sing along to that song made so memorable by another of your close neighbours, Celine, in the film, Titanic.

Whether singing, yachting, golfing or just relaxing, there is something for everyone at Jupiter Island. It’s just that you wont make a big noise about it.

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