Showering Gifts on a Loved One


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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty showers praise on a very fine waterside home in Boca Raton.

Public showers tend to be rather large and austere, as they have to accommodate a lot of people. I mention this because ‘her’ shower at 647 Osprey Point Circle, Boca Raton, Florida is just about as big as a public one but far more luxurious – and private. Goodness knows how many people this sumptuous douche-de-luxe would hold – and spray with a vast array of jets both vertical and horizontal. As a personal shower it is just about as big as one can get without feeling agoraphobic or lonely.

Across the animal species the genders try and attract mates by offering comfortable accommodation. Humans are no exception. And if this ruse works anywhere it will work here. The boudoir begins with a circular room with lantern roof that hints of a Paris haute couture salon. The haute couture itself is housed in a magnificent closet – beyond which is another for winter-wear and accessories. This private realm including the vast shower should be enough to attract anyone. But the rest of this marble palace does nothing to disappoint either

There is a new vogue in US interiors. It is for cleaner lines and a cooler look. It comes from New York and it comes from Europe. This house embraces this modern spirit. Finished to a T, outstanding in design and execution this home offers a lifestyle of incomparable sophistication and comfort. Come in – the water in the shower is lovely. There is plenty of room and no one else can see.

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